US, ISIS and Al Qaeda – Controlled Chaos at Work

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During the campaign, Trump said, “Obama and Hillary created ISIS” and that caused a lot of uproar. For most Americans, such an idea is beyond ridiculous and simply impossible. The truth is that, in the world of geopolitics and wars, such a concept is very conceivable, possible, and even probable. Don’t forget that Al Qaeda was literally created by the U.S.!

Bin Laden 3

Al Qaeda was created by the U.S. in 1979 to fight USSR. Saudi Arabia provided the money, mosques, madrassas and Bin Laden; USA sold arms, training and strategy

If you think the alliance with Al Qaeda was a one-time thing, consider the regime change in Libya in 2011. Terrorists like Abdul Belhaj (Belhadj) were recruited from CIA prisons to topple Gaddafi.

Libya McCain 2

With those facts in mind, let’s move on. This article will show the US and its allies poured in weapons into Syria hoping to enact a regime change using Syrians; when it failed, the powers to be covertly supported Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Let’s start with clear and incontrovertible evidences. We can easily prove the following:

  1. Under a CIA program called “Timber Sycamore,” USA openly armed/funded/trained “moderate rebels” (here is the Wikipedia page for Timber Sycamore). The US spent $100,000 for training a single FSA fighter!
  2. But the “moderate rebels” work with both Al Qaeda and ISIS, sharing weapons, fighters, strategies and jihadist ideology. As Middle East expert Professor Joshua Landis succinctly put, “Every rebel group in Syria has been associated with Al Qaeda at some point.” The media also widely reported that most US-supplied weapons were ending up in the hands of jihadists. So, just by this logic alone, one can say that the US helped Al Qaeda and ISIS. But there is more.
  3. USA was happy to see Al Qaeda in Syria and assisted them with a wink and a nod. Council on Foreign Relations openly advocated supporting Al Qaeda with articles such as “Accepting Al Qaeda.” WikiLeaks shows that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s chief foreign policy adviser emailed her that “Al Qaeda is on our side.” Another WikiLeaks document shows a Pentagon memo warning in 2012 that the opposition forces in Syria is composed of Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and Salafists (ISIS) —  there is absolutely no mention of FSA or the “moderate rebels.”. Considering these points, the link between the US government and ISIS becomes stronger.
  4. US allies – Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey especially – extensively assisted both Al Qaeda and ISIS. This was openly and secretly acknowledged by many US officials.
  5. The US saw ISIS as a useful tool for “controlled chaos,” just as the Taliban/Mujahedeen were in the fight against the USSR.

Here is a quick diagram that shows all the major countries that fueled the war in Syria as well as the overlap between the moderate rebels (FSA), Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Syria Funding 2

After the fall of Libya in late 2011, rebels and weapons flowed from Libya to Syria for the next regime change project. Then starting in 2012, this scheme expanded immensely.

Below is a diagram from a New York Times article in 2013 that shows how the US helped ship arms to the rebels via Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. In just 15 months (Jan 2012 – Mar 2013), Obama’s CIA shipped 160 military cargo planes worth of weapons into Syria through Turkey. It’s not a coincidence that the shipments began right after Obama had withdrawn all the US troops out of Iraq in Dec 2011. Out with US troops, and in with the rebels.

Arms Shipment

Al Qaeda also saw the crisis in Syria as an opportunity to rebuild itself. In early 2012, AQ’s leader, Zawahiri, called upon Al Qaeda terrorists all over the world to go to Syria. Soon Syria became “Al Qaeda central” as dozens of experienced, senior Al Qaeda leaders descended upon Syria. The Syrian rebels who had been losing the war … gladly accepted Al Qaeda.

By Dec 2012, even the mainstream media, like this New York Times article, admitted that Al Qaeda (rebranded as Al Nusra) had become the dominant group in Syria. A Washington Post article from 2012 also said the same and also observed that western journalists in Aleppo, Syria, didn’t find much of an ideological difference between Al Qaeda and FSA.

Below are some pictures that show the US-supported “moderate rebels” (flag with the green-white-black stripes and red stars) hanging out with Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters.


FSA spokesperson, Colonel Okaidi, has also said on TV interviews that his group gets along well with both ISIS “brothers” and Al Qaeda. This video also shows him hanging out with the US Ambassador to Syria.

FSA Colonel

There are also plenty of reports over the last six years that clearly indicate that supporting the FSA meant supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS. For example:

One can also follow FSA’s Twitter account, @FSAPlatform, and see all that they proudly post information – such as the flags shown below – about all the Islamist/Salafist groups that fight under them.

FSA groups flags

So you get the message: USA and allies train/fund/arm FSA, which translates to training/funding/arming Al Qaeda and ISIS. With all this being out in the open, nobody can deny that everyone monitoring the Syrian war in CIA, Pentagon and Obama administration knew about it.

Also, note that the war in Syria stopped being a “civil war” long time ago – around 2011. The simple fact is that Syria is (was?) a moderate/secular country and life was pretty good for most people. People of all religions and sects got along well. Christians were safe from persecutions; there was no Sharia Law; and even though Assad is an Alawite (Shiite sect), many of the Syrian military leaders were Sunnis. This is why the “Free Syrian Army” and the faux Arab Spring failed in Syria.

The failure of FSA is why the puppet masters had to bring in foreigners to try to topple Assad and conquer Syria. By 2015, there were 30,000 foreign militants from dozens of Islamic countries were fighting in Syria. Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Chechnya were among the top terrorist fighters; Egypt and Georgia seemed to provide more leaders. By 2016, thousands more had come from Uzbekistan and Xinjiang, the Islamic western province of China (link).

All these foreign fighters are motivated by terrorism and virulent fundamentalist Islam. They didn’t come to Syria to fight for freedom or democracy.

One last thing about the “moderate rebels.” These are quite barbaric people. One FSA/Al Qaeda commander – Abu Sakkar – killed a Syrian soldier, ripped out the heart and ate it! In another incident, a bunch of CIA-vetted/armed rebels beheaded a 10-year-old boy on video. More recently, the rebels bombed the buses that were transferring women and children out of the rebel-held area. About 70 children died in the blast. While the children in the buses were burning, the rebels were celebrating (see video). Why so much hatred? The rebels are Sunni Muslims and the civilians were Shia Muslims. That’s how rabid and fanatic these “moderate rebels” are.

Now let’s move on to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The US couldn’t openly arm Al Qaeda and ISIS openly and that’s where Saudi Arabia and Qatar come into play. These two would buy the weapons from the U.S. and ship them to the terrorists in Syria mostly via Turkey and some through Jordan (Turkey borders Syria on the north; Jordan on the south).

All the top people in the U.S. government knew and acknowledged the roles of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. For example…

Both the U.S. and Israel have admitted that they view ISIS positively since it was/is helping them in the regime change plot against Assad. Israel’s relationship with ISIS is even more suspicious.

  • John Kerry, as the Sec. of State, admitted that the U.S. sought to use ISIS as a leverage against Assad during negotiations. In the same audio, Kerry talks about how the U.S. has spent a lot of money and efforts overthrowing Assad; and how Putin came in and weakened ISIS.
  • Defense Minister of Israel said in an interview that ISIS attacked Israel only once, but ISIS apologized immediately! This is an extraordinary statement in so many ways, if you think about it. No wonder many people say that ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.
  • Israel’s Military Intelligence Chief said during a speech that “Israel prefers ISIS over the Syrian government.”
  • A prominent Israeli think tank said that ISIS is a “useful tool against Iran and Hezbollah.”
  • Thomas Friedman of The New York Times wrote two pieces asserting that ISIS is better than Assad (2015 article, 2017 article).

So those are concrete evidences of US and its allies funding/arming/training Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. Of course, if you knew the modus operandi of the elites, you would have suspected the collusion all along.

Connecting the dots…

For example, the top leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq – which was first known as Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) and then morphed into ISIS – had spent time in CIA prisons. It’s just like Libya, as mentioned in the beginning of this article. Also, many foreign commanders who later joined ISIS had links to the CIA – for example, Omar Shishani, who the media proudly said was a “star pupil” of the CIA in Georgia.

With all the surveillance abilities of NSA and CIA, it’s hard to believe that they have no idea where the top leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda are. It wouldn’t be surprising if these terrorists are living in a luxurious mansion in one of the Gulf States, monitoring their global jihad campaigns.

The entire story of ISIS was so ridiculous from the beginning. A bunch of terrorists with just simple guns somehow managed to take over big cities in Iraq. At the same time, they also never attacked Baghdad – a sign of controlled chaos. They got hold of a huge arsenal of weapons – tanks, mortars, rockets, TOW missiles etc. – without much fight. ISIS also immediately knew how to operate those hi-tech weapons – a sign of US training. Then ISIS was moving around the vast desert in brand new Toyota pickup trucks and US-made tanks totally unhindered. Using Iraqi air force or the vast US air force in Saudi military bases, ISIS could have been easily wiped out.

When a report from Amnesty International pointed out in 2015 that most of ISIS’ weapons were American, media pundits just came up all kinds of excuses and explanations.

Obama kept dropping thousands of bombs – 50,000 in 2015 and 2016 alone – but ISIS kept growing. If each bomb had killed just one ISIS soldier, there wouldn’t be any ISIS left. It was obvious Obama was waging a fake war.

Then there are audits done by Dept. of Defense that can’t account for $2.5 billion of weapons that were sent to Iraq and Kuwait in 2015 and 2016 alone. Amnesty International reported that the missing weapons found their ways to terrorists/rebels.

If Assad kills people in Syria, the west acts so shocked and starts debating air strikes, but when ISIS kills people in Europe, politicians tell us to get used to it.

There were also many times when the U.S. or Israeli air force would attack the Syrian army that always ended up helping ISIS or Al Qaeda in crucial battles (link, link).

Then there were those moments when, oops, the U.S. accidentally dropped weapons in ISIS-held areas. Come on!

Then there was the time when CNN showed a video of ISIS training camp that had tents marked “US.”

ISIS training vid

While everyone openly talked about Saudi Arabia and Qatar arming/funding ISIS, nobody clamored for confronting or let alone attacking those countries.

For three years, Turkey was selling US-made weapons to ISIS in exchange for stolen oil. This went on until Putin came in and destroyed ISIS’ oil tankers – easy targets for jets. When asked why the US hadn’t done the same, Mike Morell, former CIA chief and supporter of Hillary Clinton, said the U.S. was afraid of environmental damage! The insanity of such lies is beyond incredible.

It was also obvious that ISIS’ propaganda machine was driven by Americans/Israelis with Hollywood and Public Relations experience. ISIS’ vast presence in Twitter and Facebook in multiple languages, incredibly creative (but sick) videos and messaging that appealed to westerners, and the use of satellite TV to broadcast gruesome propaganda were all clear indications of vast support from western intelligence agencies.

ISIS is what is known as “Psy Ops” in the military.

The preposterous, over-the-top propaganda with White Helmets, fake activists, and Bana Alabed – the 7-year-old Aleppo girl who can barely speak/understand English but tweets like a State Department official – are all signs of massive coordination and desperation. The White Helmets are also just Al Qaeda volunteers. For example, this site has many pictures of guys posing as both White Helmets and armed rebels. Here is a nice, short, well-made video exposing the White Helmets.

As an example of media collusion and blatant Establishment propaganda, consider the Saudi cleric Abdullah Muhaisini (also Mhaisni/Muhaysni/Muhaysini) in Syria who the L.A. Times describes as a “superstar” while BBC prefers “charismatic.” He has Twitter accounts with 300,000+ followers and is popular on YouTube/Telegram as well. The shocking part is that he is a terrorist in Syria who openly assists ISIS/Al Qaeda, recruits young kids for suicide bombing and proudly participates in mass executions.


So this is the dirty story of the unholy alliance of the U.S. with Islamic terrorism, and it’s been going on for long time. Even before creating Al Qaeda in 1979 to fight the USSR, the west colluded with Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow secular Arab governments. Now, before the end of the Syrian war, the U.S. is already working with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Other Sunni Islamic terrorist groups such as Al Shabaab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines are also being used as mercenaries of “controlled chaos.” Uyghur Muslim separatists in China and Islamic terrorists in Chechnya, Uzbekistan (and other -Stans in central Asia) are potential puppet terrorists in the coming years. All of these terrorist groups have one thing in common: a virulent form of Sunni Islam that is funded by the Gulf States – Saudi Arabia and Qatar being the primary ones.

Unfortunately, unless the American/European public fully understands this concept and demands an end to it, the cozy and sinister relationship will continue, resulting in more bloodshed, wars and blowback within America/Europe.

P.S. Watch this 1-min video where an ex-marine and a Senator describes what America is doing in Syria…

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